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Villager Jim’s Pet Studio

I would love to welcome you to Villager Jim’s Studio, a brand new addition to our business and one that I’m truly excited to share with you! We have set up the studio on my farm in a converted barn built in the 1700’s (see our studio gallery page) , nestled deep in the Peak District National Park and a location that I fell in love with 15 years ago and is my own small slice of heaven from which I start my daily journeys taking my photographs. I have teamed up with my great friend and amazing studio photographer (as well as a fantastic landscape photographer too) Phil Sproson, and together we have launched Villager Jim’s Studios, where we invite you to bring your beloved pooch (or cat, or lizard, or bunny rabbit or anything else in between as long as it doesn’t bite too hard) .

Package 1: £149 for 6 crafted photographs provided to you digitally or,
Package 2: £199 for 12 crafted photographs
Package 3: £249 for 12 crafted photographs provided to you digitally & your favourite photograph put onto a 24×16 inch canvas

The package we have painstakingly developed is one that shares our skillsets, with Phil being the studio photographer who will take the shots and then pass over to Villager Jim to fully edit the shots in the way he has done for years creating jaw dropping memories from this powerful partnership. Your visit to my home will entail shots in the studio and shots within my own garden settings which you may recognise from many of my shots, and most special of all is if possible we will take a shot of your pet in the iconic chair that Dilly’s After The Walk was taken, now the most viewed Labrador picture in the world!

If the shots are really special Villager Jim will share (with your permission of course!!) with his audience online so you can see the reaction and share the wonderful experience of the lovely people that we have gathered on the Facebook page. Altogether a lovely session of tea drinking and animals bounding round not sitting still creating havoc, but within the mad few hours, some magical shots will emerge we promise! I should have done this years ago but finally, we have everything in place with our amazing new studio and I look forward to creating an experience with Villager Jim’s Studios that you will treasure for many years to come (No pressure then?)

This is a very very limited service we are doing and we are only doing a few sessions a week because of time constraints with our regular business but do book early to guarantee a placement.

Let the fun begin!

If you cannot find a date that suits, please fill in the form below with dates that work for you and we shall see if they work for us too

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